Here you will find sensors specifically designed for measuring pressure, temperature, motion, humidity, force, distance, voltage, current and light.

Our pressure sensors are perfect for applications such as air pressure monitoring, liquid pressure measurement or pressure monitoring in industrial equipment. Our temperature sensors can be used in air conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, and many other applications to accurately measure temperature.

Motion sensors are ideal for security applications such as motion detection in alarm systems or automatic doors. Our humidity sensors can be used in plant growth chambers, air conditioners or warehouses to monitor humidity.

Force sensors are ideal for applications in robotics, such as monitoring forces in grippers or joints. Our distance sensors can be used in autonomous vehicles, robots or industrial applications to precisely measure distances.

Voltage sensors and current sensors are used in electronics, e.g. for monitoring batteries or in power supplies. Our light sensors are perfect for applications such as automatic lighting control or in photographic devices to measure light intensity.